Women’s Resilience -The Girl Effect

“A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”
~ Diane Mariechild ~

A woman has the power to be strong, resilient and vulnerable. As a women, we play different roles -Mother, Daughter, Girl Friend, Wife, Housewife, Various roles in our work lives. Even in World War II, Women played a role in the military, in support services, in factories back home, in concentration camps, and keeping the home fires burning.

In each of these multi faceted role, the trait that stands out most to me is Women’s Resilience. In each of our roles we do our best, come rain or shine.

And Yet, in many developing countries, likes of India, a girl is still thought to be a burden on the family. Even in families, where a girl child is welcomed, many a time,there exists a subtle discrimination, if she is born in a family where they have sons.

Sons are preferred because the perception is that they will look after their parents when they are old, they will help take charge of the family business, where relevant and shine the torch of the family.  In fact, in many an Indian family, girls look after their parents much better than her brothers.

Even in today’s modern world, girls are put under pressure to get married.

Distinction starts from birth where a girl child is stereotyped with the color pink, Barbie dolls, Tea Sets, Ballet, Gymnastics and this article posted by @prajnya re: Gaming & Girls resonates this message eloquently.


Women have far more resilience than men and in fact one needs to remind the women in us that strength does not always come from tolerance, rather from speaking out against violence. A woman should speak up for her rights and assert herself.

Female power involves women taking part in the conversation either in the public arena or at the dinner table, and having the same emotional space in which to do so as men. It means women not having to fear punishment of any kind & be able to speak their mind and heart.

Women need to get out the emotional bondage which many a time the society puts a conscious & unconscious pressure on her.

I had the privilege to be born in a family where independence, respect for women & education for women were and are still considered to be important tenets.  Having grown up in India, I was consciously aware about the discrimination between men and women and I take every opportunity to drive the message of Women’s rights and stopping violence against women.

Let each of us join to Stop FGM, and Violence Against Women in any shape or form.

LINK TO THE WEBSITE -http://www.girleffect.org